Fairview High School Band





We invite you to work with our band program.  We have many opportunities available.  Band booster meetings are the 2nd thursday of the month at 6:30 in the high school band room.  


To enhance the growth, independence, and enjoyment of Fairview High School students.


Core Values (STINGER)

Self-Expression     We see others as people first, and focus on the development of our whole selves.

Teamwork                Music brings people of all backgrounds together to work together and problem solve, as well as build leadership skills,                                         make friendships, and make each other successful.

Independence        We must prepare ourselves not only to gain musical skills, but to gain the skills needed to continue to learn and grow                                           past our time in the band room.

iNclusivity                Music should be experienced and enjoyed by all, regardless of varied abilities and backgrounds. A band program                                                   serves not just the students in its classes, but the students of the entire school and the community that surrounds it.

Growth                      We are forward-thinkers, and fall-forward-fast as we learn and improve.

Engagement           The wants and needs of our students, parents, and community are important to us, and we care about and enjoy the                                              work we do.

Reliability                We are dependable for ourselves and our peers, and are resilient in the face of challenge.